STgenetics Canada® welcomes new Quebec Sales

Jean-Patrice Nault will be offering his expertise to STgenetics Canada®.

STgenetics Canada® welcomes new Quebec Sales Director

20-year genetics and reproduction expert, Jean-Patrice Nault will be offering his expertise to STgenetics Canada®.

North America-based livestock genetics innovator STgenetics Canada® announced the conclusion of an agreement involving Jean-Patrice Nault as Quebec Sales Director to expand the company’s growing sales and relationships with dairy producers across the province.

Nault comes to STgenetics Canada® with 20+ years of experience in the dairy industry for other great and successful companies, in sales of genetics and in bovine reproduction solutions.

Jean-Patrice Nault & Julien Thomin

The director of STgenetics Canada® Natalia Rodrigues expressed confidence that Nault will bring a wealth of experience, saying:  “The hiring of Jean-Patrice corresponds with STgenetics Canada’s business growth strategy that is of bringing people with solid experience and expertise in dairy bovine genetics. The fact that Jean-Patrice is sharp, determined and so devoted to his work combined with his excellent record in growing sales and leading people makes him a great fit for the team.”

Jean-Patrice Nault has held the Dairy Solutions Specialist  position for the last 4 years at CIAQ. Prior to that, Nault devoted 16 years of his career as a sales representative for Alta Genetics. In addition, Mr. Nault was a teacher at ITA of Saint-Hyacinthe for 2 years is a former member of the GEB-Genetic Evaluation Board at CDN (Canadian Dairy Network) as well of the CRAAQ (Centre de référence en agriculture et agroalimentaire du Québec) for Symposium des Bovins Laitiers du Quebec.

Among his new duties, Jean-Patrice Nault will be responsible for supporting the sales team activities, crafting sales plans for sustained growth and ensuring customer service standards are high and continually improving.

STgenetics Canada® is thrilled to have Jean-Patrice Nault expertise’s and being the lead person for sales in Quebec. Nault and STgenetics® share the same passion for progress and optimum genetic advancement, which can be achieved by using SexedULTRA4M® semen, EcoFeed™, Chromosomal Mating™ and other tools and programs offered by the company. Jean-Patrice can be reached at or on his mobile at (450)558-2858.

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