April's New Releases

full of exclusives for STgenetics Canada

The April 2018 indexation, affected by the base change, is marked by genetic exclusivities dominating the charts at STgenetics Canada, with an obvious response to the needs of profitability of Canadian dairy producers.

Indeed, 3 proven Top 5 PRO $ bulls are offered by ST, with the newly #1 proven, MISSOURI (#3 Pro $ to $2617 and best new bull in milk at + 3013 kg), the #2 SARGEANT at $2648 PRO $ (#1 milk once again at + 3260 kg) , and DELTA (EcoFeed ™), which receives its first domestic proof ($2559 PRO $) as a newly #1 proven in Canada with LPI at + 3216. 11 of the top 100 GLPI are available from STgenetics, making this round the best of ST for its presence in the Canadian top genomic LPI., with SCORE among the top 10 and HERMES following to lead the list. On the American side, STGenetics also dominates with 5 of the Top 7 Bulls proven with DELTA, RUBICON, DENVER, DANTE & DIRECTOR, all available in the most fertile sexed semen on the market: SexedULTRA 4M ™.

Score takes the lead in Canada

Kings-Ransom SCORE (Bandares x Supershot x Doorman)

The long-awaited Kings-ransom score is now available in SexedULTRA 4M ™! It begins as our new #1 GLPI and is ranked #6 in Canada, being the best in type of the Top 10. SCORE is one of the most exciting bulls of the breed as a result of the new proofs of April. He combines 3534 GPA LPI, + 13 conformation and + 14 in mammary system. He lowers the rump (4L) and improves the heel depth at + 7. At + 2908 Pro $, SCORE presents the best combination type – Pro $ among the Top 100 genomics of the breed, based on 93 Kg of fat, a differential of + 0.52% and very strong health traits: 113 HL, 105DF, 110MR and 2,55 SCS! SCORE is the best son of Bandares available in Canada and comes from a Supershot having a sister VG-88-2Y by Delta X EX-92 Doorman x EX-94 Dorcy. SCORE will respond to the most demanding breeders with its A2A2 and BB status for Kappa-casein and Beta-casein.

EDG Detour THROUGH ROME (Detour x AltaToprock x Magnus)


Through ROME starts taking the lead in the PRO$ ranking of our list with a resounding 2949 PRO$. THROUGH ROME is available in the most fertile sexed semen on the market: SexedULTRA 4M ™.

He is the best son of Detour in GLPI or Pro$ in the world! Coming from the deep maternal line of Windsor-Manor Rud Zip EX-95 (which has produced Delta), it will bring a unique pedigree on the market. His daughters are perfect for free-stalls, medium-sized with fantastic udders (+ 12) and very good feet and legs (+ 7) with deep heels (+ 7). He also lowers the rump angle (8b). At + 1380 kg of milk, 72 kg of fat (+ 0.16%), 115 life expectancy, 108 for the fertility of girls and 114 in resistance to mastitis (2.35 SCS), its profile is perfect for progressive breeders who are looking for the new profitable modern bull! The

combination of exceptional health traits with solid production make THROUGH

ROME a bull destined to generate a model of cows made to last and bring money!


Wilder HERMES-ET (Superhero x Modena x Saloon)

 HERMES is the new #2 Pro $ genomic bull of the STgenetics proof sheet at + 2932 Pro $.

Hermes arrives on the stage as a very interesting new alternative. Superhero World's best son on a GLPI or Pro$ basis. HERMES comes from 10 VG or EX dams and a family having performed in the rings in Europe, He offers a different pedigree and is based on a flawless profile at + 10 in type and + 1789 kg of milk, 164 kg combined of components at + 84 kg of fat (+ 0.16%) and + 80 kg of protein (+ 0.19%). A + 3441 GLPI, HERMES is also a leader of the top 35 on this criterion. HERMES ' daughters excel for their health traits at 104 in daughter fertility, 106 resistance to mastitis (2.51 SCS), leading to an attractive herd life of 110.

HERMES delivers a balanced profile with good rumps (+ 5 GPA and + 7 DGV), low rump angle (2L), very good feet and legs (+ 9 GPA and + 10 DGV) and mammary systems (+ 9 GPA with + 10 in texture). HERMES is A2A2 and is the novelty to be included in the mating programs for heifers at 104 of calving facility and available in SexedULTRA 4M ™.

Farnear Delta-BETA (Delta x Uno x Snowman)

Delta-beta, A2A2, is a complete new bull available in SexedULTRA 4M ™ and conventional semen at STgenetics Canada. LAMBDA's full brother with a deep pedigree tracing back to the famous Lila Z, Delta-BETA is a new dominant bull in PRO $ with $2653. It is higher in kg of fat with 92 kg and 0.39% , while bringing 1415 kg of milk, produced from healthy udders (2.74 SCS). Udders like his father DELTA knows how to make them: + 11 mammary system with + 10 texture, + 10 median, + 10 width rear attachment and + 11 height. To top it all and build its + 10 in conformation, Delta-BETA is a bull that will improve the rump angle also (2L) and the heel depth (+ 9). Delta-BETA daughters will be among the most fertile in herds (107 daughter fertility) and benefit from a long herd life (109). Usable on heifers (104), Delta-BETA is the modern bull to fill the quota of tomorrow.

Farnear-TJR-BH TORQUE (Mega-Star x Delta x Numero Uno)

For robotic milking systems, TORQUE is the hot new bull of the proof sheet not to be missed. Coming from the Dabble family, with a VG-2y Delta mother, TORQUE is an exclusive ST mating since his sire is Mega-Star, the son of Megasire from the maternal line of Score. With 3370 GLPI points, TORQUE starts in the Top 5 GLPI of STGenetics Canada's list with massive fat input of + 96 kg and + 0.51%, and protein at 60 kg and + 0.21%. The rear teats are suitably positioned (2C) and it even lengthens the teats (1L), considering its milking speed above average, its rear view of the hind legs and its heel depth both improvers, TORQUE is ideal in all environments. It displays a solid + 10 conformation and + 11 feet and legs, a good width of chest and an ideal rump angle. Its roadmap for health traits is equally spectacular being positive everywhere, 109 in resistance to mastitis (2.57 SCS), 106 in resistance to metabolic diseases, 106 daughter fertility, leading to a 109 for herd life. TORQUE is usable on heifers (105 calving facility) and is available in conventional and SexedULTRA 4M ™, the most fertile sexed semen on the market.

ST GEN Arvis ECHO-Red (Arvis x Main Event x Effect-P)

ECHO-Red is your new hot red bull in SexedULTRA 4M ™ and in conventional for breeders wanting to add a balance of type-production and health traits. The red pedigrees will now be able to inherit the benefits of the genetics of Miss America and Shauna via ECHO-Red. With + 12 GPA in conformation and mammary system (+ 13 DGV, + 15 rear udder height), + 11 feet and legs, 485 kg of milk, 53 kg of fat and + 0.34%, combined with all its positive health traits, ECHO-Red will satisfy many demands in the breed. Indeed, his index for daughter fertility at 105, resistance to mastitis at 105 (with 2.76 SCS), digital dermatitis at 105 and a unique pedigree are a fresh wind for lovers of reds. It is usable on heifers with its ease of calving. Note also that ECHO-Red meets the criteria to have its robot designation, including an extraordinary + 11 in heel depth.

Lindenright HISTORY (Doberman x Capital Gain x Man-0-Man)


History needs very little presentation as a result of its successful marketing this winter. From an exceptional cow housed at Lindenright in Nova Scotia, from the Cookiecutter cow family, VG-86 1 year old and recently calved again for the 2nd time before 3 years of age, producing more than 60 kg of milk a day and projected above 12.600 kg at 4% fat. HISTORY skillfully combines type and production with + 14 conformation (+ 16 DGV) and + 15 mammary system (+ 18 DGV), associated with + 1377 kg of milk. Udder health is exceptional with 107 for mastitis resistance and 2.62 SCS. HISTORY is a bull for mating programs in heifers also with 102 calving facility.


Vogue LANDSLIDE (Contender x 1stClass x McCutchen)


LANDSLIDE is an early son of the popular Contender, his highest son in the breed, coming from the respected maternal line of Laurie Sheik. LANDSLIDE is a new leader at STgenetics Canada for type at + 16 (+ 18 DGV). Consolidating also the production of milk (+ 1264 kg of milk) and fat (+ 68 kg G., + 0.22%). LANDSLIDE is consistent throughout the healthy line also with an exemplary mastitis resistance at 106 and 2.57 SCS, 102 for daughter fertility and 109 herd life.


With + 14 mammary system (+ 16 DGV), + 10 feet and legs and +10 for dairy strength (+ 12DGV), as well as + 5 for rump, LANDSLIDE will meet the requirements of breeders looking on conformation while taking care of milk deliveries.


He is available in conventional semen and is well suited for heifer barns with 103 for calving ease.

GlenheavenSuper CECIL (Superhero x Main Event x Supersire)


CECIL joins the ranks of our list of robot bulls in conventional semen, with 3301 points of GLPI, based on + 1771 kg of milk (+ 2218 kg DGV) and 86 kg of fat (+ 0.20%). It will satisfy the progressive free-stall breeders with a functional conformation at + 8 and attractive health traits at 104 for daughter fertility, 105 for resistance to digital dermatitis, 106 for resistance to mastitis, 2.79 SCS , 108 herd life, and 106 for calving ease, allowing use throughout the herd. From the Cosmopolitans, he comes from 9 VG or EX dams and its first 3 dams produced an average at 2 years in 365 days of 14.462 kg 4.9% fat.


3 Proven and Designed EcoFeed ™ Bulls and Delta that again brilliantly confirms its elite status

Mr Mogul DELTA (Mogul x Robust x Planet)

Newly proven in Canada with its domestic proof, DELTA remains dominant on both sides of the border being 4 points from the TPI leader at + 2802, also #2 NM$ at 923 points, now with more than 2,000 daughters in his proof. DELTA is still a safe bet for profitability in Canada with 102 kg of fat (+ 0.37%) and + 1798 kg of milk. Her daughters are hard working, produce easily and economically (EcoFeed ™) and are confirmed pregnant quickly (107 daughter fertility). DELTA is followed in the United States by RUBICON in 3rd place for NM$ and TPI based with more than 1400 daughters. RUBICON, a bull designated EcoFeed, is among the 1% best of the breed in Canada to fill the quota with 104 kg of fat (0.73%) and health indexes all above average.

MISSOURI (Day x Robust) is our 3rd EcoFeed ™ Bull proven in Canada, best new bull in milk at + 3013 kg, an exceptional persistence at 110 with 2.57 in somatic cells, positioning him #3 Pro$ at $2617. He is available in both conventional and SexedULTRA 4M ™ semen, the most fertile sexed semen on the market. He does not have any Mogul blood in his pedigree.

EDG Saturn SENDER (Mogul x Man-o-Man x Planet Shauna)

SENDER joins the rank of the proven bulls with a Mace proof this round with a superb balanced profile thanks to 106 daughters contributing to his + 1221 kg of milk, + 70 kg of fat (+ 0.21%), + 12 in type and + 10 for both mammary systems and feet and legs. With + 9 in dairy strength and + 10 for the width of chest, Sender displays a perfect score for all positive health traits. At + $2617 for the PRO$, sender does not add Robust blood and is available in conventional semen and SexedULTRA4M™, the most fertile sexed semen on the market.